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I've just launched a new website dedicated to spreading positivity and inspiration through music and thought-provoking words. My goal is to encourage positive change in the lives of those who watch my videos.

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The song was written to inspire people and encourage them to trust in the goodness of the Lord. It is an original composition by Norman Abadilla, with vocals arranged by Louie Reyes and music by Rasec Ortega. The singers are Louie Reyes, Cherry Nierras, Gigi Abadilla, and Norman Abadilla. The video was uploaded on September 7, 2021. Thank you for viewing. Please feel free to subscribe and let's all make the goodness of the Lord known by sharing this song.

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Hey, everyone! You've got to check out my Tagalog Christian hit song "Buti Na Lang" on Amazon Music! Listen to it and share with your friends, family, and anyone who needs a little inspiration in their life!

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